Gift Boxes

Packaging is definitely the key to success of every product. If it's true that "you can't judge a book by its cover" it is equally true that "appearance matters too". Beauty is the first thing that captures our attention, bewitching us. That's why we pay great attention to the "dress" of our wines, always keeping in mind some simple parameters: sobriety and elegance, valuable materials, attention to details, precious finishes. If the bottle is a gift for others, then attention must be even higher. We created these Gift Boxes for single 0,75 L Bottle, for 1,5 L Magnum Bottle and for 2 or 3 Bottles, which can enrich your gift just like jewelcases. Printed with the use of gold in relief, in black or cream colors background and enriched with stylized icons that represent the concept of our brand and an infographic of the Pruina's meaning. These gift boxes will surely intrigue your customers and the receiver of your gifts. Fine packaging for high quality wine: precious in the eyes, elegant on the nose, intriguing on the palate.